Corporate and Banking Sectors

We develop tailor made sectorial sustainability approaches  by measuring impacts along the supply chain, and we anticipate risks while providing effective strategic guidance to improve shareholder value. Our approach encompasses identification of companies’ natural capital dependences and impacts, and we also provide managing guidance to tackle associated business risks and opportunities offered by natural capital.

Natural capital related business challenges are currently driven by increasing demands from different sectors, including the financial sector and by emerging regulatory frameworks. Hence a new management paradigm based on a proactive integration of corporate induced changes in ecosystems and their services within corporate accounting and management objectives is emerging. Corporate natural capital valuation aims at explicitly accounting for corporate activities dependencies and impacts on ecosystems and on ecosystem services with the intention of informing and improving corporate decision-making. Risk management (operational, market, reputational, regulatory and financing risks) represents the strongest case for mainstreaming natural capital valuation in corporate decision-making. Knowing and valuing corporate impacts and dependencies on natural capital generates many competitive advantages such as: more resilient supply chain and business model, product and process innovation, reduce cost of capital, cost savings, revenue growth, product development and process innovation, as well as new market opportunities and revenue, and enhanced brand value.