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ATTHIS CONSULTING is a growing consulting company that operates in the market since 2010. Our clients and partners list reflect the variety of sectors in which we are able to operate, ranging from universities and research institutes to governmental bodies and private companies. We are a research and knowledge transfer company working at the policy-science interface, having developed the capacity to convey academic advances into new natural resources management and decision-making paradigms, either at corporate or governmental level. We operate based on an extensive network of national and international consultants, guaranteeing for each project the required know-how and the highest level of expertise.

Our mission as partners for sustainable development is making natural capital visible in decision-making, seeking shareholder value and social wellbeing increase.

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What We Do


We operate at the interdisciplinary frontier and our focus is making natural capital visible in decision-making, at project, program or policy level. By combining natural sciences with socio-economics our approach allows to integrate economic value of natural capital in conventional appraisal and decision-making tools. Our experience and know-how allow us to operate at different operational, programming and policy levels ranging from environmental due diligence, conception, monitoring and evaluation. We ensure that your natural capital informed decision will secure the return of your investment, private or public.

We deliver solutions to integrate natural capital in private and public sector decision making





We develop tailor made sectorial sustainability approaches  by measuring impacts along the supply chain, and we anticipate risks while providing effective strategic guidance to improve shareholder value. Our approach encompasses identification of companies’ natural capital dependences and impacts, and we also provide managing guidance to tackle associated business risks and opportunities offered by natural capital.


We develop integrated valuation approaches that link environmental impact (natural capital and ecosystem services change) with social wellbeing. By applying economic valuation techniques to uncover the costs and benefits originated by natural capital and ecosystem services change (marketed and non-marketed), we are able to better inform decision-making and to provide strategic advisory on governance and policy instruments options that would increase taxpayers value for money and social welfare.

  • Appraisal of projects, policies or investments that impact on environment
  • Environmental Accounting
  • Policy instruments design

Our History

ATTHIS CONSULTING (formerly Trifolder, Consultores em Ambiente e Economia dos Recursos Naturais) reflects the pioneering spirit and experience of its founder as scientist, consultant, and project manager. Cristina Marta-Pedroso, founder of ATTHIS CONSULTING, started to work in environmental economics in 2000 with the ambition of addressing rural development issues from an integrated perspective (ecological and socio-economic). Her PhD thesis was devoted to setting up methodological and integrated tools, namely extended cost-benefit analysis for agri-environmental schemes appraisal. During this time she benefited from staying at the University of Maryland and at the University of Wageningen as visiting scholar, worldwide references on the emergence of ecological economics, including the emergence of natural capital concept.  She then embraced other sectorial challenges and broadened the scope of her R&D activities being part of major worldwide initiatives, such as the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the Ecosystem Valuation Initiative promoted by the WBCSD and the Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Europe, a pan-European initiative launched by the European Commission.

ATTHIS CONSULTING evolved to provide integrated solutions in natural capital valuation, meeting the increasing demand from both public and private sector.




 Cristina Marta-Pedroso
Managing Partner


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Changes in the ecosystem services provided by forests and their economic valuation: a review

  Economic valuation of forest ecosystem services. Forests can provide multiple benefi ts to society other than wood, with the whole array of benefi ts depending on the characteristics of the forest and the prevailing management strategies (Duncker et al. 2012 ). This understanding is a prominent feature of the current literature and is usually […]

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A ideia da economia como um sistema aberto, em permanente interacção com o ecológico, responsável quer pelo fornecimento de inputs quer pela assimilação de outputs da actividade económica, não é nova. Esta dependência funcional ganhou visibilidade por via das evidências acumuladas da degradação ambiental e por via de um discurso oriundo do debate académico, que […]

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